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Patel Furnace & Forging
A-2/510 Makarpura G.I.D.C.
Vadodara   Gujarat   
India  390010
Phone: +91 265-2644864
Fax: +91 265-2643663
Description: An ISO 9001:2008 company. Manufacturer of SHOT BLASTING / SHOT PEENING / SAND BLASTING MACHINES and spare parts for all leading brand shot blasting machines. We manufacture Shot Peening machine for Crankshafts, Leaf Springs, Connecting Rod, Coil Spring, Gears, Steering Knuckles, Rocker Arms, and many other components.

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Nilesh Vaja +91 973-7061333 +91 265 2643663

Products & Services Listing

120 Dust Collectors (Mfg.)
130 Elevators, Conveyors, Hoppers (Mfg.)
142 Media Classifiers, Magnetic Separators (Mfg.)
143 Media Classifiers, Screen Separators (Mfg.)
144d Media Classifiers, Spirolators (Dist.)
150d Pressure Pots (Dist.)
165 Metering Valves (Mfg.)
175d Sand Blasting Safety Sundries, Gloves, Coveralls, Capes, Dust Covers (Dist.)
211 Air Peening (Mfg.)
214 Wheel Peening (Mfg.)
215 Wheel Blasting, Portable (Mfg.)
216 Air Blasting, Portable (Mfg.)
217 Blast Rooms, (Mfg.)
233 Wet Blasting (Mfg.)
310d Aluminosilicate, Glass (Dist.)
311d Cast, Aluminum Oxide (Dist.)
312d Cast, Steel, Carbon Shot (Dist.)
313d Cast, Steel, Stainless Shot (Dist.)
314d Cast, Zinc Shot (Dist.)
315d Cast, Steel, Ferrite , Shot (Dist.)
316d Cast, Iron (Chilled Iron) (Dist.)
317d Cast, Steel, Grit (Dist.)
318d Cast Aluminum (Dist.)
320d Ceramic (Dist.)
331d Cut Wire, Aluminum (Dist.)
334d Cut Wire, Zinc (Dist.)
335d Cut Wire, Copper, (Dist.)
410d Masking: tapes, molded forms etc(Dist.)
420d Air Nozzles(Dist.)
425d Suction Guns (Dist.)

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