Peenscan coverage

Posted by: Zaya2021

Peenscan coverage - 01/28/21 02:50 PM

I’m trying to peen a part for one of our customer. The requirements for coverage is to use peen scan (Pen 220-6), I cannot use my spindle due to the configuration of the part. My shot peen machine has only one nozzle and it has 4 AXES. By any chance do you have any idea? I have used 15 to 35 PSI, Media from 7.5 – 25 LBS, and Feed rate from 80 – 250 inch /mins. Below is the requirements. Is it even possible to get the coverage using S280? because the manufacturing recommendation is to use shot up to S230 shot Thank you
• Intensity 0.012 – 0.016
• Shot S280
• Shot hardness 55 – 62HRC
• Coverage 100%
Posted by: Jack Champaigne

Re: Peenscan coverage - 01/30/21 07:08 AM

I think we need more information about your situation.
Spindle: please describe your spindle. Is this on a rotary table?
Configuration of the part: Describe the part.
Have you run trials with the parameters listed here? what were the results?
Posted by: Walter

Re: Peenscan coverage - 01/30/21 11:40 AM

I agree with Jack, definitely need some more information to properly understand the problem before a potential solution can be offered.

Assuming you're peening .012-.016A and not C scale I would say that 280 is probably too large. 170-230 55-62 Would be better. The larger the size of the shot for a given intensity, the longer it will take to get 100% coverage.
Without knowing this specifics of your machine or the part you're peening it's hard to tell, but I do think your feed rate is extremely high.

What are the 4 axis of movement?
Is the spindle the turntable or robotic arm?