Posted By: ewl17 Magnavalve for glass bead - 04/27/17 03:30 PM
I'm studying the possibility of installing a magnavalve (700-24) for glass bead shot peening but I have no experience with this product. Usually we use a manual valve and we do some frequent catch tests to verify the flow rate used for saturation almen curves and almen tests.
Does someone have some experience this kind of valve to control the glass bead flowrate for the peening process?
Thank you
Posted By: Jeff Derda Re: Magnavalve for glass bead - 05/03/17 02:29 PM
We do have a valve that will control the flow rate of glass bead but it will depend on the flow rate you need.

Please contact Mark Ingram at 574-256-5001 or email him at mark.ingram@electronics-inc.com

He will be able to give you all the information that you need.

Posted By: ewl17 Re: Magnavalve for glass bead - 05/03/17 04:09 PM
Thank you Jeff!
I'll contact him smile
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