Posted By: DavidP CS230 to SCCW28 : Sieves and screens - 03/08/06 09:57 PM
I'm switching from CS230 to SCCW28 media, and looking for informations concerning the screens to be used in my sweeco separator and the procedure used for sieve testing of that media.

Posted By: Walter Re: CS230 to SCCW28 : Sieves and screens - 03/09/06 04:42 PM

1. Collect a 100g sample of the shot size to be tested from the machine.
2. The required sieves shall be stacked in ascending order with a pan on the bottom.
3. The 100g sample shall then be poured into the top sieve and the entire stack placed in the Roto-Tap machine and run for 5 MINUTES.
4. Remove the sieves, weigh the samples.
5. Record the results.

Cast Shot Sizes ASR or ASH Cut Wire Sizes AWCR, AWS or AWCH 0.5% Maximum By Weight allowed to Retained on US Sieve Minimum 90% By Weight Retained on US Sieve Ro-Tap Time +/- 5 Seconds
Rotating Speed 275-295 RPM, taps per minute 145-160

ASR / ASH 230 or AWCR / AWCH 28
0.5% Maximum retained allowed on screen 18
90% Minimum retained on screen 30 TAP TIME 5 Minutes

Hope that helps,

Posted By: DavidP Re: CS230 to SCCW28 : Sieves and screens - 11/22/06 07:25 PM
Thanks for the answer

However I'd like to know where that information comes from, as it doesn't seem to be in AMS-S-13165 or AMS-2431/8
Posted By: Walter Re: CS230 to SCCW28 : Sieves and screens - 11/27/06 10:31 PM
The procedure I listed above comes from an Aerospace Engine MFG. We use it for all Condition Cut Wire, both new and in use. I did not detail the broken count requirements, if you need them let me know. You can use this method as a correlation to AMS 2431/3, /8.
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