Posted By: donhan NON MAG SHOT - 01/30/18 09:07 AM
Hi All,

Our customer drawing required shot peening with below shot:

Non Mag shot is very new to me. Please help me explain "non mag shot" is made from what material?

Thank you and appreciate your support.
Posted By: Dennis Scharer Re: NON MAG SHOT - 01/30/18 12:43 PM

I would suggest going back to your customer and asking them to define the shot requirement. Maybe they could inform you of the media specification. 550 size is normally associated with cast steel shot which is magnetic. There is stainless cut wire, glass and ceramic peening media.
Posted By: donhan Re: NON MAG SHOT - 01/31/18 09:42 AM
Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your reply.
Posted By: wendy zhang Re: NON MAG SHOT - 03/11/21 02:06 AM
Hi Donhan,
Non-mag shot should be made of 304 stainless steel, and non mag treatment on this materials.
Posted By: Very Old Tom Re: NON MAG SHOT - 10/14/21 01:39 PM
Hi, Donhan,
You may well have solved this problem but just for the record, you could try using Guysons Spherically Conditioned Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shot. it comes in many sizes, the closest to 550 would probably be made from the Ø1.5mm cut wire.
Posted By: Nerigo Re: NON MAG SHOT - 11/24/21 03:54 PM
Hello Tom, thank you for your advice. My teammates have similar project and they were looking for a solution. Tomorrow when I live my house I will stop by at their office and will let them know. Thank once again
Posted By: Jack Champaigne Re: NON MAG SHOT - 11/24/21 05:50 PM
Donhan, To be cautious you should ask your customer to be more specific about the non-magnetic shot. It is possible they did not want a metallic shot in order to prevent ferrous contamination or rust. They may have thought they would get ceramic beads or glass beads with their request.
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