Glass Bead for Peening

Posted by: Dave Barkley

Glass Bead for Peening - 03/01/21 03:24 PM

I'm asking this question on behalf of a recent MRO / FAA repair facility that called me.

They're setting up a small peening machine with glass bead as the media. They've contacted a few distributors and was told that finding glass bead that meets AMS-2431/6 is difficult and other MRO facilities in the region use MIL-PRF-9954D glass bead as an acceptable substitute.

Does anyone have any knowledge/thoughts on this?
Posted by: Walter

Re: Glass Bead for Peening - 03/01/21 04:13 PM

I would say that these specifications are NOT interchangeable without agreement from the cognizant engineering organization.

Here are just a few differences:

1. The size designation are different
2. Silicon content no less than 62% in the MIL and not less than 67% in AMS.
3. The sample size is approximately 60 drams in the AMS and varies with size in the MIL spec from 100 grams to 25.

I would suggest this MRO / FAA repair facility contact a manufacturer of glass beads such as Potters
I'm sure they can tell them who their local distributor is.