lower intensity range

Posted by: yogesh

lower intensity range - 04/25/19 02:38 AM


i have robotic shot peening machine and form last one week i am trying to establish the intensity of .004-.006A with ASR 230 cast steel shots. i tried with different parameters but unable to get the same. following are the details of the machine.

1.)Media : ASR 230
2.)Nozzle size : 5/16"
3.)blast hose: 1"
4.)Magna valve for S230

Please suggest if its possible to get the intensity as well as 100% coverage with S230 shots or i need to change the media size....
Posted by: Jack Champaigne

Re: lower intensity range - 04/25/19 08:58 AM

1. Is your intensity too high or too low?
2. What is your air pressure?
3. Have you performed Almen saturation tests and can you send the results?