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#1268 - 09/23/16 07:10 AM Fluoro-Finder/Peenscan assistance
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There are two types of Peenscan pens available, which stipulates Peenscan 220-2 pen for lower peening intensities and 220-6 pen for higher peening intensities.

In addition there is Fluoro-Finder III Tracer which only seems to come in one type.

We would prefer to use the latter as it enables us to get into all areas. But is there any guidance on usage based on is it is high or low intensity peening?

The ranges we do are as follows:


#1272 - 12/01/16 09:23 PM Re: Fluoro-Finder/Peenscan assistance [Re: tec]
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Nice question, the same my problem now.
Could anybody give us some advices on this.

#1307 - 12/04/17 06:43 AM Re: Fluoro-Finder/Peenscan assistance [Re: tec]
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I suppose you already tried the fluoro finder III by now.
My experience is that 6A is the lower limit for this and almost useless on the N scale.
I´ve only tried with s-110/cw14.Its possible that bigger shots remove tracer at slower rate.
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#1310 - 12/29/17 08:16 PM Re: Fluoro-Finder/Peenscan assistance [Re: tec]
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In my experience tracer dyes work best on materials and intensities that are easiest to visually inspect at 10x.

Even if our customers require us to use one, we still look at the part under magnification. High intensity peening on a hard part will result in more of the tracer coming off the part than just the impact area. Some materials will literally soak up the tracer making it very difficult to remove by peening. If peening alone is done to remove the dye, then the part in all likelihood will have several times 100% coverage. Doing so could potentially debit the fatigue life of the part. In my opinion tracer dyes are great tools for original set up to see if your process is peening the correct areas. But there is no substitute for visually inspecting the part at magnification of 7x - 10x.


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