Dear members,
I am searching for information about surface roughnesses as a result of shotpeening with different sizes. I cannot find any generic article on that subject. Of course there are a lot of specific articles which mentions roughnesses due to shotpeening, but then mostly for one or two specific cases with a few size or intensities. When e.g. using the search words “roughness shot size” I get 18 articles, but they are all very specific.
Most interesting would be an excel file, where one could correlate surface rougnesses (Ra and/or Rt) from different kind of metals with shotsize and intensities.
Just as examples (values are not true:

Metal: Shotsize: Intensity: Roughness:
Ti6Al4V S110 6 - 10A 120 - 160 mi
Ti6Al4V S230 6 - 10A 100 - 140 mi
Steel<200ksi S110 6 - 10A ?
Steel>200ksi S110 etc. etc..

Anybody information ?
Or maybe an idea to collect those data from members so a big excel information file can be made.

Kind regards