Hi everyone,

I have encounter an issue here recently at my plant with the shot peen dust byproduct from our process.

I am using steel cut wire shot from Toyo Seiko to shot peen automotive coil springs. As the shot wears our dust collectors pull out the dust and it collects in a 55 gallon barrel.

Across our 6 spring processing lines we are producing about 6 barrels of dust per day.

In the past we have been able to sell the dust to a company who recycled it, however that is no longer the case.

Currently I am paying over $100 to take away each barrel for disposal in a land fill. Not only is this not environmentally friendly, this is also having a major impact on my current costs as this was not built into our budget.

Does the community have any recommendations or best practices for dust disposal? Is it good for anything else?

The plant is located in the Cincinnati, OH area.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.