Hi there! smile Good to find shot peen forum and i hope someone can help me.
Here is the deal. I have shot peen chamber. I need to get intensity value 0.010 to 0.012 with almen strips type A. But most times i get close to 0.010, the value ~0.0097-0.0099. Sometimes i can reach 0.010 and a little more, something like 0.0103, but this is an exception. And i feel non-uniform flow of the shot. The pressure set to 7 bar in static and 6.5 bar when shot peening chamber is working.. If i set it to 8 bar, than there is no shot flowing, only air. 7 bar and below - shot is flowing but with non-uniform flow, and intensity most times <0.010 frown

So here is the questions:
1) How can i increase intensity in my situation?
2) How to get uniform, steady shot flow through nozzle?

Some parameters of the shot peen chamber:
1) Nozzle size 8mm (~1/3").
2) Air hose diameter 1/2" (~12mm).
3) Abrasive material hose 1" (~25mm).
4) Pressure up to 8 bar.
5) Shot s230.
6) Saturation curve created by 4 different alen strips type A, built in "peensolver"
5) The processing angle 45-135 degrees, distance between nozzle and almen strip is ~40mm.
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