An Empirical Model For Weld Fatigue Resistance

Author:  Chang, S.T. and Lawrence,Jr., F.V.
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-2, (p.297-305)
Doc ID:  1984000
Year of Publication:  1984
This study is a continuation of one reported in the 1st INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE EFFECTS OF SHOT PEENING by Chang and Lawrence (Chang, 1981) in which an analytical model was developed to predict the effect of shot peening and other postweld treatments on the fatigue life of weldments. Recent work reported here includes a study of the effect of shot peening on ASTM A36 steel weldments and further refinements of the empirical model for predicting the fatigue strength of weldments both in the as-welded and post-weld-treated states. Descriptors: Fatigue of weldments; Shot peening; Fatigue life prediction; Fatigue

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