Comparison of Shot Peening Residual Stress Distributions in a Selection of Material

Author:  A. Ezeilo, G. Webster, P.S. Webster, P.S. Webster
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-5, (p.274-281)
Doc ID:  1993079
Year of Publication:  1993
The residual stress distributions in a variety of engineering materials which have been shot peened to different intensities have been measured using non-destructive neutron diffration methods. The results reveal that the same characteristic shape of stress distribution is obtained in all the materials with the surface in compression and the existence of a tensile peak subsurface. Surface compression approaching yield was observed in some cases which was balanced by subsurface tension of about a third of the value. The results are discussed in terms of the mechanical properties of the materials. The implications of the tension for initiating fatigue failures from the interior of shot peened components is also discussed.

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