The Core of Electric Generator What is for Shot Peening?

Author:  Djozic Salko, B.Sc
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p. 1-13)
Doc ID:  1996046
Year of Publication:  1996
When is considered the construction of vertical electric generator, always is necessary to keep in mind that many heavy steel plates are continual in a moving depending of generator power. Rotor weight with water turbine standing and rotating on the not classical bearings. In the core of the generator are bearing segments - plates with effective lubricating and monitoring systems. It is provided for safe work of whole river power house. Whole stationary construction is under acting different loads. Radial and axial forced acting as well on the foundations included embedded parts. For safe work during life it is evidently that is necessary to have quality mainly steel material. That means as well to increase and to better of mechanical properites. Shot peening surly is one method one medicine for such purposes. Rotor parts, braking rings, generator shaft in a vertical and horizontal generator are items properly cannot go in operations without Shot Peening Treatment. Numbers of revolutions of each engerator to be strictly kanalyzed for satified operations.

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