Improving the Fatigue Resistance of Stiffener/Lower Flange Connection in Steel Bridge Beams

Author:  J. Menigault, J. Claeys, J. Vigo, Y. LeGuernic
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p. 44-55)
Doc ID:  1996050
Year of Publication:  1996
The stiffener/lower flange welded connectin is very critical in terms of fatigue resistance, its relative Eurocode 3 fatigue class is low, making more difficult the use of high strength steels in bridge construction. The purpose of this work is to evaluate the level of fatigue life improvement due to shot peening applied after welding. The results are compared to those obtained from the basic welding process without post weld treatment and the basic process followed by GTAW remelting the weld tow. The fatigue class relative to the basic process without any post weld treatment is above the relevent Eurocode 3 fatigue classes. Shot peening and GTAW dressing generate significant fatigue improvements. If shot peening becomes widespread in the industrial process of bridge beam making, the fatigue class of this critical detail could be revised favouring further development of high strength steel use in bridge construction.

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