Galling - Shot Peening of the Bolts

Author:  Djozic Salko
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.107-111)
Doc ID:  1996057
Year of Publication:  1996
Of course for some particularities in the field of Shot Peening we using special tools. Many specific terms, parts of plants, devices in electric machines require particular tools for shot peening. On the figures 1 and 2 is one mechanism for shot peening of bolts often called as well galling. Such device must enable us to treat external surface of bolts. Screw thread surfaces to be prepared for further function to be clean and free of any dirties and metallic substances. With normal shot peening is not possible on satisfied manner to do shot peening threaded surfaces of bolt. Therefore special device for Galling - Shto Peenng of Bolts should be applied for this work. Fig 1 presents one device what give the chancre to be whole surface correct covered. This machine with small outlines to be fixed in one metallic box. On this way is wery easy transfered to the place where is some quantity of bolts for treatment.

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