Influence of Stres Gradient on Fatigue Behavior on Shot Peened Timetal 1100

Author:  T. Dorr, L. Wagner
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.223-232)
Doc ID:  1996069
Year of Publication:  1996
Fully lamellar as well as duplex (primary alpha phase in lamellar matrix) microstructures optimized for a good combination of LCF, HCF and creep strengths were produced in the high temperature near-a titanium alloy TIMETAL 1100. Shot peening was performed using various Almen intensities to evaluate optimum conditions for fatigue life improvements os smooth and notched components. The fatigue results are explained in terms of the resistance to cack nucleation and microcrack growth as affected by the shot peening induced changes in near surface properties and the actual applied stress gradient.

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