Investigation of Shot-Peening and Re-Peening Effects on Partially Fatigued Notched Components

Author:  Dr. S. Kyriacou, Dr. J. Al-Khaja
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.233-242)
Doc ID:  1996070
Year of Publication:  1996
This investigation systematically approached the effect of peening and re-peening upon the fatigue life of partially fatigued notched components made of high stength 7075 AI-Zn alloy, loaded under axial tension-tension conditions. It has bee found that peening partially fatigued specimens not previously shot peen treated can be beneficial as the total fatigue life of failure extends by as much a 115% under certain conditions, as compared to the shot peened life. However, re-peening was found to provide little benefits and in some cases it had a detrimental effect. X-ray diffraction measurements have shown that peening after partial fatigue and re-peening induced residual stresses were not as intense as those induced on 'virgin' material.

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