Optimization of the Fatigue Behaviour of Welded Joints by Means of Shot Peening - A Comparison of Results on Steel and Alum J

Author:  H. Wohlfahrt, T. Nitschke-Pagel, W. Zinn
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.243-250)
Doc ID:  1996071
Year of Publication:  1996
Efficient methods for improving the fatigue strength of welded joints are important especially if high strength materials are used in lightweight constructions. Experimental results on welded jounts of high strength steels have shown, that the improvement of the fatigue strength due to shot peening will be the higher, the lower the sharpness of weld notches is. The conclusion is, that the most effective improving method is the combination of TIG-welding or TIG-dressing and additional shot peening. However, in welded joints of aluminium alloys an optimized shot peening procedure is more effective than in steel joints, because the notch geometry at the weld toe may be improved by shot peening. So the fatigue strength of conventional MIG-welded aluminium joints may be increased as high as in steels only by shot peening especially in different shot peening parameters are combined.

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