Some Properties of the Overheated WT3-1 Titanium Alloy After Glass Bead Peening or Bearing Ball Peening

Author:  Mieczyslaw Korzynski
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.282-289)
Doc ID:  1996075
Year of Publication:  1996
The WT3-1 titanium alloy is used for aeroplane elements, aircraft engine parts, turbine and compressor elements. This alloy heat treatment is isothermal annealing at temperature of 900 deg C. This paper presents results of the tests concerning fatigue strength in relation to above allotropic temperature limit overheated and in relation to standard heat treated WT3-1 titanium alloy. Effects of glass bead peening and ball peening are compared. Fatigue strength limit at oscillaroty bending was tested and it was found that in both cases it has been improved as compared with fatigue strength limit WT3-1 titanium alloy after belt grinding.

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