Work-Softening and Strain-Induced Transformation Produced by Shot Peening and Grit Blasting for Austenitic Stainless Steel

Author:  Kisuke Iida, Katsuji Tosha
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.296-301)
Doc ID:  1996077
Year of Publication:  1996
This paper describes on the characteristics of work softening and transformation produced by shot peening and grit blasting for austenitic stainless steel. Shot peening and grit blasting are performed by steel shot and grit with a centrifugal peening machine. Obtained factors are surface roughness, hardness distribution, half width,, residual stess, diffraction intensity and retained austenite. Following results are obtained: 1) Strain-induced transformation is confirmed by compression, shot peening and grit blasting from x-ray diffraction. 2) Half width decreases in the work-softened zone. 3) Work-softenng has no relation to residual stress distribution and retained austenite. 4) The maximum work-softening ration was 8.3% in this experiment.

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