Full Assurance Shot Peening of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Components

Author:  P. Bailey, D. Lombardo, H. Popp, R. Thompson
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.320-327)
Doc ID:  1996080
Year of Publication:  1996
This paper is a progess report on the approaches and perspectives described in a paper entitled New Challenges for Shot Peening of Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Components which was presented at Surfair X in Cannes in 1992 and subsequently prublished in Metal Finishing and The Shot Peener. The approach has bee refined and is now focused in four areas - rigorous process cntrol, non-destructive evaluation (NDE) for intensity and coverage, improved media control and reliable use of the Almen strip. Data controlled for the process, NDE and media will be preserved in an archive by part seria number. Together, these four areas comprise what GE Aircraft Engines will be implementing as Full Assurance Peening. The main tasks are to reliably control the process, prove intensity and coverage on the part, measure shape and size of the media and not be misled by impecise Almen strip data. This paper describes this effort and its implementation as a new Critical Parts peening specification for application on rotating parts.

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