The Practical use of Statistical Process Control and Computer Monitored Equipment in the shot Peening Process

Author:  Charlie Mason, Ken I'Anson
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-6, (p.328-337)
Doc ID:  1996081
Year of Publication:  1996
This paper describes the application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Computer Controlled/Monitored Equipment to the Shot Peening Process. By using SPC to prove the capability and control of the shot peening equipment, as well as the individual process set-ups, combined with a PC to monitor all of the Key Process parameters, the need for regular Almen strip runs during production can be eliminated. With this procedss, almen intensity test runs to verify the equipment itself are performed based on accumulated machine hours and not part lot sizes. This newly approved method has opened new doors in the shot peening industry making it possible to increase productivity and reduce costs.

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