Integration of a Deep Rolling Process in the Heat Treatment of SAE1045 Steel: a Way to Reduce and Optimize the Production Cha

Author:  A. Cherif, W. Zinn, B. Scholtes
Source:  Conf Proc 2011: ICSP-11 South Bend, IN USA (pgs. 43-48)
Doc ID:  2011007
Year of Publication:  2011
Abstract Simultaneous surface treatment such as deep rolling at elevated temperature are further developments of conventional mechanical surface treatment processes. They combine the positive effects of low temperature annealing with the beneficial consequences of mechanical surface treatments. In this paper, a special process is described where the residual heat from a quenching and tempering heat treatment process is exploited for deep rolling of cylindrical specimens at elevated temperature. Results of this process will be compared with conventional deep rolling operations at room temperature and at elevated temperature. The fatigue behaviour of quenched and tempered steel SAE 1045, deep rolled under three different process conditions was investigated using stress-controlled fatigue tests. Residual-stress and work-hardening effects in the modified surface layers were investigated using X-ray diffraction methods. Special attention was paid to the stability of the induced near surface microstructures and residual stresses. Keywords Residual stress, deep rolling, fatigue

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