Effect of Injection Pressure and Size of Nozzle Throat of a Cavitating Jet on Cavitation Peening

Author:  H. Soyama, O. Takakuwa and A. Naito
Source:  Conf Proc 2011: ICSP-11 South Bend, IN USA (pgs. 129-134)
Doc ID:  2011021
Year of Publication:  2011
Abstract Cavitation peening is a peening method using impacts at cavitation bubble collapses generated by a cavitating jet. In order to introduce compressive residual stress avoiding damage on the peened surface, residual stress of stainless steel was investigated at various cavitating conditions. It was revealed that the large cavitating jet at low injection pressure such as 30 MPa can introduce larger compressive residual stress into deeper region comparing of small cavitating jet at high injection pressure such as 300 MPa. Keywords Residual stress, Cavitation, Jet, Stainless steel.

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