Residual Stress Enhancement of X-2M Foreign Object Damage Tolerance

Author:  VanDalen, Hopkins, Hill
Source:  Conf Proc 2011: ICSP-11 South Bend, IN USA (pgs. 195-200)
Doc ID:  2011032
Year of Publication:  2011
Abstract The objective of this paper is to quantify the effects of residual stresses imparted by laser shock peening on the foreign object damage (FOD) tolerance of X-2M, a high-strength, carburized steel used for gears. Tests were performed on simple blocks of material to characterize residual stresses from carburization and from laser shock peening. Fatigue tests were performed in bending on bars of material containing a notch representative of observed FOD. The fatigue test results show that laser shock peened coupons have significantly improved performance, with peened coupons having about twice the fatigue strength of as-carburized coupons. Keywords Carburized steel, residual stress, foreign object damage, fatigue

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