Numerical model of severe shot peening aimed to estimate surface nanocrystallization of Al material

Author:  Bagherifard, Ghelichi, Guagliano
Source:  Conf Proc 2011: ICSP-11 South Bend, IN USA (pgs. 243-248)
Doc ID:  2011040
Year of Publication:  2011
Abstract Severe shot peening performed by particular combination of process parameters (mainly high impact energy and long exposure time) has been proved to be a promising method for obtaining a layer of nanocrystallized material on the surface of treated work pieces. In this paper a multiple impact finite element model of severe shot peening is developed to perform parametric study of the process and find a relation between surface characteristics and the treatment condition. The results are critically discussed in terms of induced residual stresses and surface work-hardening. An approach based on the results of the numerical simulation is developed to assess the formation of nanocrystallized layer of Al. Good correspondence of experimental data obtained from Al specimens, shot peened with similar set of peening parameters, and numerical results, affirms that the developed model is a useful tool to relate peening parameters to the treated surface layer characteristics in addition to assess the generation of nanocrystallized surface layer. Key words: severe shot peening, finite element method, nanocrystallization, Al7075.

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