Shot Peening and Ball-Burnishing effect in TIMETAL (Ti-54M)

Author:  H. Alkhazraji, M. Mhaede, M. Wollmann, L. Wagner
Source:  Conf Proc 2014: ICSP-12 Goslar, Germany (pgs.102-106)
Doc ID:  2014058
Year of Publication:  2014
The purpose of this work was aimed to study the effects of mechanical surface treatment (shot peening SP and ball burnishing BB) on fatigue performance of TIMETAL Ti-54M alloy. The shot peening (SP) and ball burnishing (BB) was conducted using spherically shot (SCCW14) with Almen intensity of 0.22 mmA. Hard ball steel (HG6) with burnishing pressure of 300 bar was used for ball-burnishing. Surface layer properties (surface roughness) and near surface layer properties (micro-hardness and residual stress) were calculated. The fatigue life of electrolytically polished condition (EP), which served as a reference, was markedly enhanced in comparison to shot peened and ball-burnished conditions.

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