Enhancement of Fatigue Performance of Commercially Pure Aluminum 1050 by Shot Peening and Ball-Burnishing

Author:  M. Abdulstaar, M. Mhaede, M. Wollmann, L. Wagner
Source:  Conf Proc 2014: ICSP-12 Goslar, Germany (pgs.151-155)
Doc ID:  2014067
Year of Publication:  2014
In this study, the effects of shot peening (SP) and ball-burnishing (BB) on the fatigue performance of commercially pure (cp) aluminum Al 1050 was investigated. SP was conducted using spherically conditioned cut wire (SCCW14) with an Almen intensity of 0.20 mmA. A surface rolling system using a hard metal ball (HG6) and a burnishing pressure of 100 bar was used for BB. Surface layer property (surface roughness) and near-surface layer properties (microhardness depth profiles) were evaluated. SP and BB markedly enhance the fatigue performance of the electropolished reference condition. The fatigue enhancement due to surface treatments is mainly attributed to the high work-hardening capability of cp- Al.

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