Evaluation of Spherical Conditioned Cut Wire in Comparison to Cast Steel Shot Peening Media Applied to Inconel 718

Author:  Gary Slavin, Daniel Child, Benjamin Moore, Wolfgang Hennig
Source:  ICSP-13
Doc ID:  2017065
Year of Publication:  2017
Introduction and Objectives: Shot peening is a well-established manufacturing process primarily used to enhance the fatigue life of critical components across a number of industries. In order to reduce process costs and remain competitive, industries are looking for alternative and enhanced shot peening media types to improve upon their current selection. It has been suggested that spherical conditioned cut wire (SCCW) steel shot peening media may be a beneficial alternative to cast steel media. Previous studies have concluded that SCCW media demonstrates improved life and thus presents an opportunity to lower process costs due to the reduced frequency of media replacement required [1-3]. These benefits may be dependent on the target material systems used. In order to evaluate the impact of replacing cast steel with SCCW media for a target Ni-based alloy system, testing and characterisation were undertaken. Surface roughness, residual stress evaluation, material microstructure and fatigue life were all analysed as part of the study. In addition, media life (also referred to as media durability) testing was completed to determine if the SCCW media does indeed provide improved life compared to the cast steel media for this particular target material system.

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