Finite Element Shot Peening Simulation of Coated Cutting Inserts

Author:  Lukáš Faksa, Werner Daves, Werner Ecker, Christoph Czettl
Source:  ICSP-13
Doc ID:  2017086
Year of Publication:  2017
Abstract: In the machining industry, coated hard metal cutting tools are exposed to extreme conditions in terms of thermo-mechanical loading, so tailored resistance to such loading is required. A possible method to extend their life is to introduce compressive residual stresses in the coating and/or substrate by a shot peening process. The work aims to predict the influence of blasting parameters on the development of residual stresses distributions in coated WC/Co inserts. The investigated coating consists of a TiCN and an Al2O3 layer. The relevant industrial parameters which were taken into account are particles speed, impact angle and diameter. The work will provide practical guidelines for a process optimization as well as guidelines to prevent damage in the tool by choosing wrong process parameters.

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