A Systematic Investigation of the Induced Residual Stresses by Deep Rolling in Dependence of the Prestress at Spring Steel

Author:  Eckehard Mueller
Source:  ICSP-13
Doc ID:  2017103
Year of Publication:  2017
Introduction: Today reduction of weight or material is a current subject in wide areas of automotive and mechanical engineering. Several possibilities are available, like better utilization of the material by higher hardness or optimizing the construction by finite elements. Another possibility is inducing compressive residual stresses in the surface layers, especially used at tensile pulsating load to enlarge the dynamic life time or respectively reducing the weight. Two possibilities are deep rolling and shot peening, which have different advantages. Deep Rolling is more expensive but gives a higher amount of compressive residual stress as shot peening. In the shot peening process, the amount of compressive residual stress can be increased by stress peeing. In an equivalent way, this technique is also possible for deep rolling. In this investigation, the amount of residual stresses is measured in dependence of the prestress and rolling force.

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