Experimental Research on Flexible Coating Used for Online Repairment of Damaged Aircraft Parts by Laser Shock Peening

Author:  Xiuquan Cheng, Junhao Zhang, Jiang Wu, Qinxiang Xia
Source:  ICSP-13
Doc ID:  2017115
Year of Publication:  2017
Introduction: The corrosion damage of aircraft parts is one of the major damage forms of the ageing aircraft [1],shot peening on the corroded surface is a common method of repairing the damaged aircraft parts. While, the damaged aircraft parts have to be disassembled from the aircraft firstly and then send to the repairment shops when shot peening by solid projectile. The aircrafts have to be parked on ground for a long time, which leads to large economic losses for the airline companies. In order to solve this problem, the method of online shot peening for the repairment of the damaged aircraft parts is proposed. However the solid projectile can’t be used in online repairment since its scattering in a wide range during shot peening. Due to laser has a good reachability [2] and laser shock peening does not produce projectile fragment or dirt, which is especially suitable for online repairment of the damaged aircraft parts.

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