Posted By: JZinOH J2597 ... the test data - 12/21/21 04:02 PM
I'm reading through J2597 for the first time, as I'll need to conform as I venture back into the peening world. Here's a question:

Table 1 shows ten saturation curve data sets, with the note that candidate programs must reach the target answer within +/- 0.001 for all ten sets. Seven of these sets have four data points each; three sets have six data points each. So far so good ... except that J2597 goes on to recommend different algorithms , depending on how many data points are available. As such, I don't see how a single solver is going to accommodate all ten data sets. It's also my understanding that Dr. Kirk provides different solutions for 4-point data sets and those with more than four points (although I haven't been able to get my hands on those yet).

Am I missing something here?
Posted By: Socrates Re: J2597 ... the test data - 12/22/21 01:09 PM
A single solver program will accommodate all ten data sets - as it is required to. If, however, a data set has more than four points a slightly more advanced program will provide a more accurate value for the peening intensity - while still satisfying J2597. Dr. Kirk's programs are available for download from EI.
Posted By: Jack Champaigne Re: J2597 ... the test data - 12/22/21 05:52 PM
Check out these links:
for the solvers https://www.shotpeener.com/tools/program_request_form.php
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