Almen Saturation Curve Solver Program

The Almen Saturation Curve Solver Program, developed by Dr. David Kirk, will automatically determine the Almen intensity and draw a graph for you. This program uses a MicroSoft Excel with its"Solver" add-in. Simply input your data (time and arc heights) and then click on "tools" and "solver" and you get an answer.The Almen Saturation Curve Solver Version 10 is compatible with current versions of Microsoft Office. Legacy versions of the Curve Solver are available upon request.

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1) Enter the arc height data in 000's inch. For example: instead of .0046 use 4.6. The solver program precision is improved with the larger number format.

2) The Surface Enhancement Division of SAE developed a Standard Practice J2597 Computer Generated Almen Strip Saturation Curves. The Kirk Solvers conform to all of the requirements of this document. See this PDF file for more information.

3) Saturation Curve Solver Instruction Manual

4) Saturation Curve Solver Version 10 templates are bundled in ZIP files to include macro versions.

5) Read Dr. Kirk's articles about saturation curve analysis from The Shot Peener magazine now archived in the Shot Peener Library. Interested in reading more of Kr. Kirk's articles? Click here.

6) Please contact us at Electronics Inc. if you have questions or comments on this program.

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