Two-Strip Peening Intensity Estimator for Set-Up and Verification

The most accurate method of estimating peening intensity is to produce and analyze a saturation curve constructed from the arc heights of four (or preferably more) peened Almen strips. There are, however, situations where it is expedient to employ a quicker, albeit less accurate, method. These include when a new set-up is being developed and when an established set-up has to be periodically verified.

The Two-Strip Peening Intensity Estimator program, developed by Dr. David Kirk, is an Excel based program which uses 'prior knowledge/experience' to set machine parameters of required intensity and peening time. Two strips are peened and arc heights measured. Values of time and arc heights are entered into the Estimator program. Verification using two strips and "best guess" settings is an effective guide to the adjustments necessary to complete setting-up.

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Read more about the two-strip estimator in The Shot Peener magazine article by Dr. Kirk, Two Strip Setting-Up and Verification Program for Peening Intensity archived in the Shot Peener Library.

Many more articles by Dr. Kirk are archived in the Shot Peener Library.

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