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  • Clemco Employee Refurbishing a Half-Century-Old ZERO Blast Cabinet
  • Year: 2021, Source: Volume 35, Issue 4
  • “It needs a makeover, new gloves, and a new view window,” says Clemco Quality Assurance Inspector Eric Brukerhoff of his new ZERO® BNP-270 Blast Cabinet, “but then it will be ready to go.”...

  • Grand Opening of New Toyo Seiko North America Facility
  • Year: 2021, Source: Volume 35, Issue 4
  • TOYO SEIKO NORTH AMERICA celebrated the opening of their 25,200 square foot facility this July. The company has been located in South Bend, Indiana, USA for several years but due to its growth in N...

  • Empire Introduces One-Piece Flow Systems
  • Year: 2021, Source: Volume 35, Issue 4
  • EMPIRE ABRASIVE EQUIPMENT has launched two automated blast systems—the SPF 3830 System and the SPF 2424 System—that offer the benefits of automated air blasting at an attractive price. The SPF...

  • Shot Peening’s Vital Role in the Aerospace Industry
  • Year: 2021, Source: Volume 35, Issue 4
  • BEFORE THE COVID-19 EPIDEMIC, airplanes transported 4.5 billion passengers and 57.7 million tons of freight every year. To keep them moving safely and fast, airplanes are equipped with turbojet eng...

  • Back to Basics Shot Peening Calculations
  • Year: 2021, Source: Volume 35, Issue 4
  • INTRODUCTION The ability to quantify its variables has allowed shot peening to evolve into a smart technological process. Calculations are now an unavoidable part of shot peening. Every calculation...

  • The New PeenSolver Pro
  • Year: 2021, Source: Volume 35, Issue 4
  • THE PEENING WORLD needs curve solver programs to make determining intensity easier. Many people use Dr. Kirk’s Saturation Curve Solver (SCS) Templates. The newly released Version 10 of Kirk’s S...

  • Stress Determination Made Easy
  • Year: 2021, Source: Volume 35, Issue 4
  • While shot peening intensity verification is the well-established standard in shot peening quality control, the more relevant residual stress determination is mostly caught up in laboratories of a ...

  • Laser Shock Peening
  • Year: 2021, Source: Volume 35, Issue 4
  • Peening Techniques Rust and fatigue never take a break, and our industry tries its best to get ahead of both miscreants! We blast clean parts to remove the last trace of scale, rust, or any other c...

  • Introducing the ECNI-II
  • Year: 2021, Source: Volume 35, Issue 4
  • 1. INTRODUCTION Special processes such as heat treatment, painting, and welding are difficult to visually inspect. Shot peening (SP) is one of these special processes. SP is a dry method of surface...

  • Products, Processes, and Progress
  • Year: 2021, Source: Volume 35, Issue 4
  • I STARED AT THE COVER of the fall magazine for a while to grasp the significance of this collection of articles. I looked back at older issues to see what was new back then—not much compared to to... library

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