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110 Almen Gages, Holders, Strips (Mfg.)
110d Almen Gages, Holders, Strips (Dist.)
115 Flapper Peening Products (Mfg.)
120 Dust Collectors (Mfg.)
120d Dust Collectors (Dist.)
130 Elevators, Conveyors, Hoppers (Mfg.)
130d Elevators, Conveyors, Hoppers (Dist.)
141 Media Classifiers, Laboratory Equipment (Mfg.)
141d Media Classifiers, Lab Equipment (Dist.)
142 Media Classifiers, Magnetic Separators (Mfg.)
142d Media Classifiers, Mag Separators (Dist.)
143 Media Classifiers, Screen Separators (Mfg.)
143d Media Classifiers, Screen Separators (Dist.)
144 Media Classifiers, Spirolators (Mfg.)
144d Media Classifiers, Spirolators (Dist.)
150 Pressure Pots (Mfg.)
150d Pressure Pots (Dist.)
160 Media Valves, Flow Sensors (Mfg.)
160d Media Valves, Flow Sensors (Dist.)
165 Metering Valves (Mfg.)
165d Metering Valves (Dist.)
170 Parts Handling, Robotic Manipulators (Mfg.)
170d Parts Handling, Robotic Manipulators (Dist.)
175 Sand Blasting Safety Sundries, Gloves, Coveralls, Capes, Dust Covers (Mfg.)
175d Sand Blasting Safety Sundries, Gloves, Coveralls, Capes, Dust Covers (Dist.)

211 Air Peening (Mfg.)
211d Air Peening (Dist.)
213 Water Peening (Mfg.)
213d Water Peening (Dist.)
214 Wheel Peening (Mfg.)
214d Wheel Peening (Dist.)
215 Wheel Blasting, Portable (Mfg.)
215d Wheel Blasting, Portable (Dist.)
216 Air Blasting, Portable (Mfg.)
216d Air Blasting, Portable (Dist.)
217 Blast Rooms, (Mfg.)
217d Blast Rooms (Dist.)
218 Misc, Ultrasonic (Mfg.)
218d Misc, Ultrasonic (Dist.)
219 Misc, Vibratory (Mfg.)
219d Misc, Vibratory (Dist.)
220 Co2 Blasting (Mfg.)
220d Co2 Blasting (Dist.)
230 Cryogenic Blasting Machines (Mfr.)
230d Cryogenic Blasting Machines (Dist.)
231 Cryogenic Tumbling Machines (Mfg.)
231d Cryogenic Tumbling Machines (Dist.)
233 Wet Blasting (Mfg.)
233d Wet Blasting (Dist.)

310 Aluminosilicate, Glass (Mfg.)
310d Aluminosilicate, Glass (Dist.)
311 Cast, Aluminum Oxide (Mfg.)
311d Cast, Aluminum Oxide (Dist.)
312 Cast, Steel, Carbon Shot (Mfg.)
312d Cast, Steel, Carbon Shot (Dist.)
313 Cast, Steel, Stainless Shot (Mfg.)
313d Cast, Steel, Stainless Shot (Dist.)
314 Cast, Zinc Shot (Mfg.)
314d Cast, Zinc Shot (Dist.)
315 Cast, Steel, Ferrite Shot (Mfg.)
315d Cast, Steel, Ferrite , Shot (Dist.)
316 Cast, Iron (Chilled Iron) (Mfg.)
316d Cast, Iron (Chilled Iron) (Dist.)
317 Cast, Steel, Grit (Mfg.)
317d Cast, Steel, Grit (Dist.)
318 Cast Aluminum (Mfg.)
318d Cast Aluminum (Dist.)
320 Ceramic (Mfg.)
320d Ceramic (Dist.)
325 Coal Slag (Mfg.)
325d Coal Slag (Dist.)
331 Cut Wire, Aluminum (Mfg.)
331d Cut Wire, Aluminum (Dist.)
332 Cut Wire, Steel, Carbon (Mfg.)
332d Cut Wire, Steel, Carbon (Dist.)
333 Cut Wire, Steel, Stainless (Mfg.)
333d Cut Wire, Steel, Stainless (Dist.)
334 Cut Wire, Zinc (Mfg.)
334d Cut Wire, Zinc (Dist.)
335 Cut Wire, Copper (Mfg.)
335d Cut Wire, Copper, (Dist.)
336 Cut Wire, Steel, Stainless Grit (Mfg)
336d Cut Wire, Steel, Stainless Grit (Dist.)
338 Hard Rock, Garnet (Mfg.)
338d Hard Rock, Garnet (Dist.)
340 Glass Bead (Mfg.)
340d Glass Bead (Dist.)
343 Crushed Glass (Mfg.)
343d Crushed Glass (Dist.)
345 Cut Wire, Nickel (Mfg)
345d Cut Wire, Nickel (Dist.)
350 Balls, Steel (Mfg.)
350d Balls, Steel (Dist.)
355 Black Silicone Carbide (Mfr)
355d Black Silicone Carbide (Dist.)
360 Plastic (Mfg.)
360d Plastic (Dist.)
365 Misc for Paint Stripping (Mfg.)
365d Misc for Paint Stripping,(Dist.)
370 Reclaim (Shot and Fines)
370d Reclaim (Shot and Fines) (Rep)
380 Co2 (Mfg.)
380d Co2 (Dist.)
390 Cut Wire,Titanium (Mfg)
390d Cut Wire, Titanium (Dist.)

410 Masking: tapes, molded forms etc (Mfg.)
410d Masking: tapes, molded forms etc(Dist.)
420 Air Nozzles (Mfg.)
420d Air Nozzles(Dist.)
425 Suction Guns (Mfg.)
425d Suction Guns (Dist.)
440 Wheel Parts, Blades, Liners, Etc (Mfg.)
440d Wheel Parts, Blades, Liners, Etc (Dist.)
450 C02, Blasting Accessories (Mfg.)
450d C02, Blasting Accessories (Dist.)

510 Computer Software and Programming
521 Consultants, Machine Design
522 Consultants, Tooling & Fixture Design
525 Contract Job Shop Blast Cleaning
526 Contract Job Site Blast Cleaning
530 Contract Job Shop Shot Peening
531 Contract Job Shop Aircraft Paint Stripping
532 Contract Job Shop Aircraft Painting
533 Contract Job Shop Peen Forming
534 Cryogenic Deflashing
535 Laser Peening
536 Contract - Job Site Shot Peening
537 Shot Peening Process Consultants
538 Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB)
550 Machine Rebuild, Refurbish, Upgrade
560 Machine Repair, Field Service
570 Testing Labs, Fatigue Life Testing
572 Testing Labs, X-Ray Analysis
580 On-Site Training, Audits, Consulting
585 Heat Treating

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