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  • Cast Shot and Grit Size Specifications for Peening and Cleaning
  • Year: 2012, Source: SAE: J444 SEP2012
  • RATIONALE During the 2010 revision to this document a typo was made in Figure 1 for S-460 shot screening specification. The 5% max 1.7 mm sieve was changed to the 0% max and the 0% max 2.00 mm sieve ...

  • Peening Media Hardened Steel Peening Balls
  • Year: 2011, Source: SAE: AMS2431/5 REV. B
  • The complete requirements for procuring the product shall consist of this document and the latest issue of the basic specification, AMS2431...

  • Cast Shot and Grit Size Specifications for Peening and Cleaning
  • Year: 2010, Source: SAE: J444 JUN2010
  • RATIONALE Due to NADCAP audit findings on the all pass sieves in Figure 1 and 2 the group is requesting the Figure 1 and 2 all pass changed to 0% and the following be added to the reference section. ...

  • Peening Media (ASH), Cast Steel Shot, High Hardness (55 to 62 HRC)
  • Year: 2010, Source: SAE: AMS2431/2 REV. E Revised 2010/12
  • Superseding AMS2431/2D RATIONALE AMS2431/2E was issued to clarify Table 4 and paragraph 3.9....

  • Peening Media (ASR), Cast Steel Shot, Regular Hardness (45 to 52 HRC)
  • Year: 2010, Source: SAE: AMS2431/1 REV. E Revised 2010/12
  • Superseding AMS2431/1D RATIONALE AMS2431/1E was issued to clarify Table 4 and paragraph 3.9...

  • Rotary Flap Peening of Metal Parts
  • Year: 2010, Source: SAE: AMS2590 Issued 2010-12
  • This is a new specification that provides technical improvements to MIL-R-81841 in these areas: (1) two methods for determination of intensity independent of peening time, (2) improved operator qualif...

  • Flap Assemblies, Rotary Flap Peening
  • Year: 2010, Source: SAE: AS2592
  • This standard was issued to cover equipment required to accomplish flap peening in accordance with AMS2590....

  • Peening Media General Requirements
  • Year: 2010, Source: SAE: AMS2431 REV C
  • The complete requirements for procuring the product shall consist of this document and the latest issue of the basic specification, AMS 2431....

  • Computer Generated Shot Peening Saturation Curves
  • Year: 2010, Source: SAE: J2597 Jan 2010
  • The purpose of this recommended practice is to provide an objective method of determining the intensity of peening from a saturation curve. SAE J443 provides instructions for use of the test strip and...

  • Chemical Compositions of SAE Carbon Steels
  • Year: 2009, Source: SAE: J403 DEC2009
  • Issued 1911-06 Revised 2009-12 Superseding J403 NOV2001 RATIONALE a. Table 1 - Based on the grade survey added grades 1002, 1003, 1004, and 1007. Revised footnote 1 in table and added footnotes...

  • Shot Peening Coverage Determination
  • Year: 2009, Source: SAE: J2277 Oct2009
  • This title has been expanded (include word "Determination" to indicate that this standard practice relates to a method of inspection, but does not govern the amount of coverage to be achieved. Section...

  • Cut Wire Shot
  • Year: 2009, Source: SAE: J441 Nov2009
  • Cut wire shot shall be the product of carbon steel wire or stainless wire Type 302, 304, Condition B, Spring Temper, cut into the form of cylinders with lengths approximately equal to the wire diamete...

  • Shot Peening, Automatic
  • Year: 2009, Source: SAE: AMS 2430 P Rev. 03/2009
  • This specification covers the engineering requirements for automatic peening of surfaces of parts by impingement of metallic shot, glass beads, or ceramic shot....

  • General Specification for Removing Organic Coatings from ArmyAircraft using Plastic Media Blasting (PMB)
  • Year: 2008, Source: AMCOM US Army MEO A1116D
  • 1.1 Application. a. This section providesthe requirements and procedures for removing organic coatings (paints, primers, or lacquers)and MIL-C-46168, MIL-DT(-53039, and MIL-DTL-64159 CARC topcoats fr...

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