General Specification for Removing Organic Coatings from ArmyAircraft using Plastic Media Blasting (PMB)

Author:  US Army AMCOM
Source:  AMCOM US Army MEO A1116D
Doc ID:  2008135
Year of Publication:  2008
1.1 Application. a. This section providesthe requirements and procedures for removing organic coatings (paints, primers, or lacquers)and MIL-C-46168, MIL-DT(-53039, and MIL-DTL-64159 CARC topcoats from Army airframe structures and st;uctural components using the plastic media blast method. b. The plastic media blasting (PMB) procedures cited in this specification apply to open, non-automated blasting only. c. For purposes of this specfllcation, the plastic media blast method shall be used on metal and the following composite surfaces only: fiberglass (honeycomb and laminated), carbon fiber, boron and graphite epoxy, and Kevlar.

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