Universal Blasting Products

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120d Dust Collectors (Dist.)
130d Elevators, Conveyors, Hoppers (Dist.)
141d Media Classifiers, Lab Equipment (Dist.)
144d Media Classifiers, Spirolators (Dist.)
150 Pressure Pots (Mfg.)
150d Pressure Pots (Dist.)
160d Media Valves, Flow Sensors (Dist.)
165d Metering Valves (Dist.)
175d Sand Blasting Safety Sundries, Gloves, Coveralls, Capes, Dust Covers (Dist.)
211d Air Peening (Dist.)
214d Wheel Peening (Dist.)
215d Wheel Blasting, Portable (Dist.)
216d Air Blasting, Portable (Dist.)
217d Blast Rooms (Dist.)
233d Wet Blasting (Dist.)
311d Cast, Aluminum Oxide (Dist.)
312d Cast, Steel, Carbon Shot (Dist.)
313d Cast, Steel, Stainless Shot (Dist.)
317d Cast, Steel, Grit (Dist.)
332 Cut Wire, Steel, Carbon (Mfg.)
332d Cut Wire, Steel, Carbon (Dist.)
336d Cut Wire, Steel, Stainless Grit (Dist.)
338d Hard Rock, Garnet (Dist.)
340d Glass Bead (Dist.)
343d Crushed Glass (Dist.)
350d Balls, Steel (Dist.)
355d Black Silicone Carbide (Dist.)
370 Reclaim (Shot and Fines)
370d Reclaim (Shot and Fines) (Rep)
420d Air Nozzles(Dist.)

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