Duoleng New Material Co.,Ltd

Products & Services Listing

120 Dust Collectors (Mfg.)
120d Dust Collectors (Dist.)
312 Cast, Steel, Carbon Shot (Mfg.)
312d Cast, Steel, Carbon Shot (Dist.)
313 Cast, Steel, Stainless Shot (Mfg.)
313d Cast, Steel, Stainless Shot (Dist.)
315 Cast, Steel, Ferrite Shot (Mfg.)
315d Cast, Steel, Ferrite , Shot (Dist.)
317 Cast, Steel, Grit (Mfg.)
317d Cast, Steel, Grit (Dist.)
336 Cut Wire, Steel, Stainless Grit (Mfg)
336d Cut Wire, Steel, Stainless Grit (Dist.)
350 Balls, Steel (Mfg.)
350d Balls, Steel (Dist.)
370 Reclaim (Shot and Fines)
370d Reclaim (Shot and Fines) (Rep)
525 Contract Job Shop Blast Cleaning
530 Contract Job Shop Shot Peening

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