Edge rollover vs. shot size JZinOH 09/13/21 08:46 PM
Hello all -

It's been quite some time since developing shot peen applications, but now I've been dragged back in. I've got a nickel-based part that will be peened at 4-8A, with the option of S110 or S170 (with CCW equivalent sizes allowed) ... so we'll go with either CCW 14 or CCW 20 ... but which one?

In our other shops with similar parts, the occasionally nagging problem has been edge rollover. The best solution is to generate the largest breakedge (chamfer, radius or whatever the particular requirement is) prior to peening. However, sometimes the max allowed isn't all we'd like it to be.

So the question: Does anyone have any experience as to how much affect shot size has on rollover ... if any ... given that the intensity range must be met regardless?

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