Dear All

Related to my media flow rate I have below detail.
Cut wire Size :0.028" (0.7mm) Hardness 58-60 HRC
Peening Intensity: ALMEN Value :0.016" to 0.022" (0.4 to 0.55mm)
Coverage at Tooth flank and Root : 200% (To be passed twice through machine)
Pressure 4-5 kg / sq. cm
dimension of job
For pinion
Diameter Minimum =65 mm, Maximum = 200 mm
Width/Height Minimum =190 mm ,Maximum = 340 mm
For gear
Diameter Minimum =250 mm ,Maximum = 500 mm
Width/Height Minimum =35 mm ,Maximum = 70 mm

please tell in how much time I will get this peening intensity for both case gear and pinion.

And also suggest me magna valve for getting this intensity with cut wire.

if u want to share how to calculate and get this please share.