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#1139 - 03/23/15 02:50 PM Operators eye-sight
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Does anyone know if there is a specification that states the minimum requirement of operators eye sight.
i.e. is a “normal’ vision test sufficient or should operators require a colour perception test also.

#1140 - 03/25/15 08:58 PM Re: Operators eye-sight [Re: Jo-An]
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I am not aware of any shot peening related specification requirement for eye sight but I did find a requirement in the UK for NDT operators. Click on this link for more information:

#1141 - 03/31/15 01:00 PM Re: Operators eye-sight [Re: Jo-An]
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Ask yourself, how much does a damaged part or quality escape cost? Now how much does an eye exam cost?

It may not be a requirement but it certainly is a best practice.
I do know of one prime aerospace manufacturer that requires inspectors and operators to be tested. However, they don't require "machine attendants" to be tested. It depends on you define operator or attendant in your organization.

You can purchase an eye test chart online and test them yourself to get a decent gage as to their ability to see fine detail. Better yet, I'd check your companies medial insurance. It's quite possible they are already paying for an eye exam that your operators/inspectors might not be taking advantage of. Bifocal safety glasses with various magnification levels are available from various sources as well.

#1165 - 08/26/15 06:18 AM Re: Operators eye-sight [Re: Jo-An]
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Some aerospace shotpeen spec. tells you to test near vision on operator to Jaeger Type 1.
Color vision could be tested once. A defect color vision shouldnt be a problem but its good to be aware of the limitations this person have in process. Might not see peenscan ,uv light ... I dont know. Most parts are " 50 shades of grays" and that is generally not a problem.
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