Dear Shot Peeners
I am Bassam Imam from Cairo University, Currently I am preparing my Master’s Degree thesis on the Optimization of Shot Peening Selection parameters. My aim is to submit a model for Mechanical Design Engineers to use in the selection of shot peening process parameters to predict the induced residual stresses as per design requirements. This model is based on Analytical and Finite Element Model, First the analytical model is used to help predict a band of Intensity (min and max) and the resulting Residual stress distribution using a combination of shot velocity, shot size, incidence angle, shot material properties and target material properties. Then using a single shot finite element model to apply this band (Shot size and Velocity) in an automatic parametric study to give a combination of Shot sizes (standard sizes) and Shot velocity with the required residual stress distribution. The outcome of the single shot model should at this stage give an optimum combination of shot size and velocity to residual stress distribution (regardless of coverage), then a multiple shot model with a requirement of coverage percentage is used to examine the optimum solution from the single shot model to examine the overall residual stress profile and then the process reiterated as needed.

The aim of this model is to decrease the number of attempts shot peeners use to decide the peening parameters and will affect the residual stress test requirements as the designer is already submitting a band of parameters.

I have already developed the above models and I am seeking help of Shot Peeners, in order to validate my Model. I need to provide actual specimens of Materials that were used in tests with known peening parameters and with Residual stress test reports as a simulation to the above process. I am looking for case study with the following point
• A Requirement of Residual stress magnitude at a certain depth for a material with known material properties
• Shot peening parameters that were used to achieve the requirements mainly (Shot size, Shot Velocity, Peening angle and Coverage Percentage)
• The Residual stress tests that were done to validate the shot peening parameters.
• The actual specimens that were used (discarded test specimens if available)

Your help and Feedback is highly appreciated, for sorry I do not have any shot peening suppliers in my country Egypt to seek help from and I am open to discuss any costs that would arise to provide existing case studies or to provide a new one

Thanks for your time and looking forward for collaboration