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#146 - 07/05/10 07:37 AM Surface rougness vs shot size / intensity
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Dear members,
I am searching for information about surface roughnesses as a result of shotpeening with different sizes. I cannot find any generic article on that subject. Of course there are a lot of specific articles which mentions roughnesses due to shotpeening, but then mostly for one or two specific cases with a few size or intensities. When e.g. using the search words “roughness shot size” I get 18 articles, but they are all very specific.
Most interesting would be an excel file, where one could correlate surface rougnesses (Ra and/or Rt) from different kind of metals with shotsize and intensities.
Just as examples (values are not true:

Ti6Al4V........S110......6 - 10A.....120 - 160 mi
Ti6Al4V....... S230......6 - 10A.....100 - 140 mi
Steel<200ksi.. S110..... 6 - 10A..... ?
Steel>200ksi.. S110...... etc. etc..

Anybody information ?
Or maybe an idea to collect those data from members so a big excel information file can be made.

Kind regards

#147 - 07/05/10 04:46 PM Re: Surface rougness vs shot size / intensity
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The surface roughness of peened components varies not only with shot size, component hardness and peening intensity but also with initial component roughness and coverage. A comprehensive study of surface roughness would therefore be an enormous undertaking. Surface roughness is, however, directly related to indent depth. Equations do exist that allow indent depth to be predicted - knowing shot diameter, density, velocity and component hardness.

#148 - 07/13/10 12:52 PM Re: Surface rougness vs shot size / intensity
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As an example, Marcel sent us a graphic with roughness results for gritblasting with aluminium-oxide grit and different mesh sizes. Marcel says "of course this is a very general one and can only be used as an reference for e.g. steel surfaces. But you understand the general idea. In this case air-pressure, spray distance and angle of attack is all together a distinguishing number."

Click here to view the pdf.

#149 - 07/13/10 05:16 PM Re: Surface rougness vs shot size / intensity
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The graphic is fascinating but raises a number of questions: (1) All of the curves appear to converge on an origin that corresponds to zero roughness. Does that mean that the un-blasted samples were optically-flat? (2) How is the "distinguishing number" calculated?


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