That's an insane amount of dust for a single day!

Can you share more about your process?
1) Exactly what type and size / hardness of peening media are you using?
2) What is the intensity range?
Are you using wheel or pneumatic type peening equipment?
3) Are parts cleaned prior to peening them peen them?

AMS2430 All parts shall be visually clean prior to shot peening. The purchaser shall supply clean parts to the processor or specify the cleaning method prior to peening to the processor. If no pre-peening cleaning method is specified by purchaser, processor may clean the parts using a method acceptable to the purchaser. Halogenated solvents shall not be used to clean titanium alloy parts. Parts shall be visually inspected to verify freedom from grease dirt, oil, corrosion, mechanical damage and corrosion-preventive coatings such as anodic coatings, plating, or paint. Use of magnification as a referee for part inspection is permitted.

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