AMS 2430 All edges and corners in the areas to be peened shall be inspected and be free of sharp edges and burrs.

This is a vague statement in my opinion. I think the specification(s) needs to define what a sharp edge is and provide guidance as to what a minimum edge break should be in APR 7488.

ARP 7488
3.5 Pre-peening Part Considerations 3.5.1 Parts should be provided to the peening processor by the purchaser in a condition prepared and ready for the peening process. The planned sequence of operations should result in parts provided to the processor that are free of grease, dirt, oil, corrosion, burrs, sharp edges, mechanical damage and corrosion-preventive coatings such as anodic coatings, plating, or paint. All burrs should be removed, and edges and corners to be peened should be rounded prior to peening to prevent material rollover. All heat treatment and non-destructive testing should be completed prior to peening. The part should be provided to the processor with all part dimensions and finish requirements met.