Question: What do you currently do when your media fails inspection? Throw it away, or sent it out to be classified by a third party?

Hi Dave,
We are still in initial set up for new shot peening machine. We think about to send fail media to a recycling company. We have not thought about classifying again by a third party yet. Here in Viet Nam, the shot peening industry is really new and as i know, it just developes in the last 10 years around. There no have any third party here to the classification for steel shots. We need to send out to another part of the world like US or Sing. But again we need to compare which one is more economic.
There are some companies here that do shot peening follow international standard. But it's really hard to approach them to share their technology because of business secret and competity.
Almost knowlegde about shot peening we learn from the internet, international standard and especially in this shotpeener forum.

Thank you.

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